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Cheap Auto Repair and Service

Affordable Automotive Service & Repair

We have highly trained experienced technicians with great reputations in the area.  We promise quality car and truck service by qualified technicians at a fair price.  We strive to be the best auto repair shop in Chambersburg, PA.  Our mechanics love their field of automotive repair and to them it’s not just a job, it’s something they take great pride in, so you can be sure your in good hands with our team at Penway Automotive.  Automotive repair made easy with people you can trust.

Car Brakes

Brake Service & Repair

We typically don’t think about brakes until something alarms us to do so.  Sometimes it’s when they start to make a noise, fail to work correctly, or maybe even when we’re in for an inspection. Our vehicle braking system is something we should have checked regularly.  There are a lot of places to get brakes, rotors, and calipers, but here at Penway you can trust that we understand the importance of your safety and we offer affordable brakes and professional installation.


Get your new brakes, rotors, or calipers with professional installation at the right price.  We take your safety and budget seriously. 

Cheap tires

Tires Fix & Replacements

When it comes to safety, maintaining your tires are a top priority. 

We take tires seriously and know it’s a big investment for our customers.  We take the time to pick quality brands at affordable prices.  We are happy to recommend and give you options for you to choose what best fits your driving style and budget. We take care of everything from getting the right tires to mounting, balancing, and old tire disposal.  We make buying new tires easy.


PA state inpsections

PA State Inspections

Pennsylvania requires state inspections annually and for good reason.  Having your vehicle inspected not only helps keep you safe.  We understand that PA state inspections can be difficult to get an appointment due to the lack of licensed technicians. In addition, state inspections can be a huge hassle and get expensive really quick.  We are here to help, and you don’t have to pay new car dealer prices to get a quality job performed. Our highly experienced technicians are trained licensed PA state inspection mechanics.  Affordable quality parts and labor by professional technicians.


Our technicians will perform a quality inspection covering all required checks by the state of Pennsylvania and more.  Your safety is of the upmost importance and we strive to provide the high quality of work at affordable prices.

Cheap Brakes. Break Repair. Cheap oil change

Oil & Brake Checks

Easy, affordable, and quick oil changes.  Done right by professional technicians because your oil change is one of the most important routine services your vehicle needs.  Our technicians are experienced and not just another quick hire to perform quick oil changes to get you in and out at the lowest cost to the store.  Skip the pressure of the upsells at the quick lubes and other service centers.


We will  top off your fluids and perform a comprehensive checklist to go over your vehicle’s belts, hoses, wipers, and tire pressure.

Car Repair and Maintenance

Vehicle Maintenance

Services Available:

State Inspections

Tire Service, Sales, and Repair

Brake Service and Repair including Rotors and Calipers

Oil and Filter Changes


Exhaust Repair

Strut Repair

Ball Joint Repair

Preventive Maintenance 

General Maintenance and Repair

And More…

We stand behind our parts and Service 

24 months 24,000 mile Nationwide warranty on parts and auto repair

Nationwide Warranty Protection

When you have service and repairs performed by an authorized TechNet Professional Automotive Service Center, you’re covered by a nationwide limited repair warranty for 24 months or 24,000 miles, whichever comes first.




A. Air conditioning, heating, and climate control systems

B. Brake system(s)

C. Clutches (clutch component or assembly repair and replacement)

D. Electrical system(s)

E. Emission control system(s)

F. Engine cooling system(s)

G. Electronic engine management system and other on-board computer systems (engine, body, brake, and suspension computers), cruise control systems

H. Engine performance or drivability services and repair

I. Exhaust system(s)

J. Fuel system(s)

K. Ignition system(s)

L. Starting and charging systems

M. Steering/suspension systems, wheel bearings, CV joints, half-shafts, and driveshafts

N. Hybrid drive and 12 volt Diehard battery replacements




REIMBURSEMENT: If your vacation or personal trip is interrupted because of the failure of a covered repair during the Warranty Period and you are more than 100 miles from home, you may qualify for reimbursement for eligible meal and lodging expenses. If Warranty repairs required an overnight stay before your vehicle could be made ready for your use, you may request reimbursement of up to one (1) claim per 12 months not to exceed a total of $250.00 for eligible meal and lodging expenses. Contact the Administrator to submit a claim. 

Warranty repair costs shall in no case exceed the costs of the original repair invoice.

roadside assistance

Roadside Assistance

Flat tire, lost keys, empty gas tank, dead battery, or need a tow? We’ve made it easy for you to receive help anytime, day or night, with Roadside Assistance coverage. TechNet Professional Automotive Service Centers offer roadside assistance reimbursement with your qualifying service.


To be eligible for this coverage, all you need is an invoice from a TechNet Professional location. Maximum reimbursement amount is one-hundred-and-fifty ($150.00) dollars per eligible incident per 365-day period.

• Towing

• Lock Out Aid

• Battery Jump Start

• Flat Tire Assistance

• Emergency Fuel Delivery

Tires with warranty

Road Hazard

Road Hazard Tire Protection provides three years of prorated coverage on your new tire purchase when offered by your authorized TechNet Professional Automotive Service Center.



• Punctures


• Nails or glass damage

• Bruises or breaks

• Up to $25 per tire for flat tire repair

• Up to $75 for flat tire changing



Coverage limited to the original selling price or the replacement selling price, whichever is less; and cannot exceed $399.99 per tire. Coverage is for 36 months or down to 2/32nds treadwear, whichever comes first.


• The first year is 100% replacement

• The second year is 50% replacement

• The third year is 25% replacement

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